The Newest Hacking Threat

Protecting sensitive data from online hackers remains an ongoing challenge for many companies in today’s tech savvy world. But, a local security firm is hoping to keep those businesses ahead of the hacking curve. Tempe-based global cyber security consulting agency Bishop Fox recently designed a drone capable of landing upon the roof of a business and hack into their respective network in an effort to expose any security weaknesses. 

According to Francis Brown, the co-founder of Bishop Fox, their drone has already tested successfully. “Basically, you land on the roof and it’s as if I came up and plugged my own keyboard or mouse into your laptop and I can say, add a new user and password, basically take full control of your laptop,” Brown said. Since these drones are so cheap to build, around $300 to $400, and can be equipped with 3G networking or bluetooth, Bishop Fox is on a mission to protect businesses from all hacking threats, including those from the air.

Bishop Fox has provided its security consulting services to a variety of clients since 2005, ranging from high-tech startups to major financial institutions around the world. In addition to offering Drone Penetration Testers, they also provide a variety of other smart security tools to help protect data and infrastructure from RFID Hacking, Home and Office Security Hacking, Google Hacking and Microsoft Sharepoint Hacking. 



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