The Monsoon Storms Are Bringing Valley Homeowners An Invasion of Termites

Termites may be small, but to homeowners, they are destructive, cause costly damage and can be difficult to get rid of.

In the valley, the recent monsoon storms have triggered an invasion of termites. Some homeowners say the problem popped up overnight for them.

Pest control experts say rain presents the perfect environment for termites to live. They are attracted to the moisture in the soil and then, search for their food source: wood. In the process, they make mud tubes to survive. If you see those inside or outside of your home, it is a clear indication that you’ve got termites and immediate action should be taken to prevent more damage to your home.

Termite tubes can be built in as little as 12 hours. They can’t just be knocked down because these pests will get back to work feverishly making more. Professionals need to be called in to treat the areas in every circumstance.

A treatment usually consists of drilling holes into the concrete slab and then putting the product right underneath. The treatment continued to the outside of the wall, where the ground is trenched and more product is placed.

Don’t just think that termites are only found in old homes. They can be found in new and old homes of all types across the entire valley. According to the National Pest Management Association, those little pests are responsible for about $5 billion dollars in property damage every year.

“If the termites are active, depending on how active they are, they can definitely do some serious damage beyond the drywall,” says Matthew Lane, technician, Urban Desert Pest Control.

While you can buy a spray to kill termites directly on the spot, you need a heavy-duty insecticide used by exterminators to kill the colony.

Experts encourage homeowners to walk their property looking for possible signs of termites. Early detection can prevent major damage.

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