The Mad Restaurant Hatter and Hare is Here

If you’ve wished you could have a meal in the whimsical world of Wonderland, you’re in luck. A new bar and restaurant on Seventh Street in Phoenix has designed their establishment around Lewis Carroll’s book, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and Disney’s two movies.

The establishment, Hatter and Hare, opened on July 8 in the same building Joe’s Midnight Run previously owned. Hatter and Hare is operated by the Glass Half Full Restaurant Group. The group also runs a camping-themed joint, Camp Social, and Old Town Gringos.

The original name of the “Alice in a Wonderland” spot was named the Rabbit Hole, which is the same name as it’s related restaurant in Chicago. However, the owners decided to change the name due to differences between the two restaurants.

The Design

The design of the restaurant focuses on a mural depicting characters from the 2010 “Alice in Wonderland” live-action film. The image includes the Cheshire Cat with Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

In addition to the mural, there are jewel-themed furniture and trunks that act as coffee tables. The outdoor sitting area has checkerboard-style flooring and a pink sofa with an ottoman that looks like a slice of cake.

What’s to Eat?

There are many whimsical cocktails. Some include: White Queen, Cheshire Cat, Tweedledee, and Humpty Dumpty. If your group includes four or more people, you can purchase shareable cocktails.

The restaurant also offers the opportunity to eat dinner until 1:45 am. There are bar meals, salad, and freshly made sandwiches. Some magical menu choices are: Executioner’s Chop, The Pig Baby, The French Quarter, and The Queen’s Platter.

If you’re looking for beverage specials, happy hour lasts from four to seven pm on Sunday and Tuesday to Friday. You can get the drink of the month for $6, $5 wines, and draft beer for $3.

The restaurant plans to soon incorporate brunch into its already impressive menu.


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