The Fight Against Illegal Dumping

If you’re dumping trash illegally, the city of Phoenix has now implemented measures to track offenders and hold them accountable.

“People that illegally dump, we’re going to catch you,” said the city’s deputy public works director, Jesse Duarte.

Four locations that are hotspots for illegal trash dumping have had high-quality cameras installed. If you’re dumping illegally there, you’ll be caught. While cameras have been installed before, the new cameras work better by providing a clearer picture. The high-quality cameras now are able to offer clearer visibility to license plates and to track down perpetrators.

There are plans to add 10 additional sets of cameras in 2020.

“We want to put the message out that this is illegal to do,” said Duarte.

An alley near Phoenix’s Third Street and South Mountain Avenue is one of the places used for dumping. On Wednesday, city officials found a large pile of discarded items. There were clothes, shoes, cardboard boxes, a door, and a car seat. Many of the items were still in good condition and could have been donated. Recycling is always a beneficial option.

Much larger items have been left in the alley. A video taken by the new cameras show three individuals unloading and dumping a sofa, a carpet, and other pieces of furniture.

If you’re caught, you’ll face a $2,500 fine. The fine can be avoided by using city services to dispose of unwanted items. There are several transfer stations that allows Phoenix residents to dispose of up to 2,000 pounds of trash for free. All you have to do is show a present water bill. Click here for more information on where to legally deposit your goods.