The Churchill Marketplace’s Downtown Phoenix Location To Open in September

Many news reports discuss the death of brick-and-mortar shops; losing ground, customers, and revenue, to online retail giants and a myriad number of on-demand food delivery services. The future seems to be entirely digital.

One innovative business, however, is set to buck the trend when it opens next month in Phoenix. The Churchill promises to be a vibrant collection of unique restaurants and stores, but it comes with a twist. Rather than being built with concrete, rebar, or wood, this complex will be comprised of shipping containers. It will be opening downtown on September 1 so mark your calendars.

This imaginative design was put together by two entrepreneurs, Kell Duncan and Hartley Rodie. In their desire to bring a vibrant, hip atmosphere to downtown Phoenix, they’ve laid out a complex that is 1,400 sq. feet with built-in AC and a ventilation system. The Churchill is designed as a place for people to gather with a courtyard and rooftop deck featuring community seating for up to 300 people. Guests of the marketplace can pull up a chair and simply hang.”

The complex will host a variety of small to medium-sized restaurants, each with their own distinctive flair. The list can be found on their website, as well as their Facebook page. A sampling of these stores includes Provecho, a Mexican-themed restaurant with foods from the central region, a sandwich and wrap shop known as Breadwinner, as well as bars like The Brill Line and Sauvage, each selling beer and wine respectively. Clothing, local art, and décor items can be purchased from stores like State Forty Eight and Cosas.

Kell Duncan described his dreams for this city saying, “I’ve wanted to make downtown Phoenix a cool space for people to come and hang out,” with Rodie building on that sentiment “My partner and I really believe in downtown Phoenix and the growth that it’s seeing.”

Time will tell if that is faith is well-placed, but the duo is very excited about the project; as is the general public. The complex, nestled near First and Garfield, will open its doors to the public on September 1st.



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