Tempe Company Paying People to Poop

With the costs of goods and services increasing, some are looking for ways to earn extra cash. A Tempe business may be the answer to cashing in with the incentive of being paid to poop.

GoodNature is a business in Tempe located near University Drive and Rural Road that recently opened for business. The company actually collects poop from healthy people which is tested and analyzed to help create medical treatments and different therapies for patients with stomach infections.

If you are interested in becoming a prospective donor, the initial steps are simple. To begin, each person must see if they are eligible by filling out an online questionnaire at goodnatureprogram.com. If passed through the first level of criteria, the prospect donor must pass a phone interview and then donate a few stool samples to see if they qualify. The approved donors then decide how many times they want to stop by every week to make a deposit which can earn anywhere between $25 and $75 per visit.

The donation deposits must be done at their location, but once approved, it is a simple, quick process.

All donors must be between the ages of 18 and 50 years old, be a non-smoker, cannot drink excessively, and must have no history of serious illness.

The company has reported that some donors have made more than $10,000 doing number two with the program in other cities in the country.

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