Swoop Airline Announces New Weekly Routes To Edmonton

A new airline that markets itself as “ultra-low-cost” has announced it will fly between the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport and Edmonton, Canada twice weekly.

The new airline, Swoop (www.flyswoop.com), offers what it calls “Simple and affordable flights for every traveler.” They sell tickets that cover just the seat, with amenities such as carry-ons, reserved seating, food, and extra space available, but for an additional fee. This allows you to only pay for the services you need. The flight from Edmonton to Mesa will start at $119, while the trip from Mesa to Edmonton will begin at $99. These flights will be scheduled for each Wednesday and Saturday

Swoop does offer in-flight wi-fi as well as streaming services, and according to them, that is what sets them apart, since they are the only ultra-low-cost airline to provide such in-flight entertainment.

The airline is owned by WestJet airlines and uses a fleet of Boeing 737’s. They began operations last month, with all their routes to date being within Canada. The rapidly growing company added four other routes in the US as well.  They will also fly to Las Vegas, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando. They hope to start their new routes by late October. 

To book one of these flight on their website CLICK HERE.






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