Surprise Police To Help Community With New Crime Data App

Following a recent announcement from the Surprise Police Department, local residents learned that they would soon have access to a new tool dispensing crime data. Security company Ring has developed a new app called Neighbors.

The app, available for free, works by allowing users to add content after choosing their geographic location. Users are able to share information via text, photo, and video. Some home security devices will even work in conjunction with the app, allowing users to upload directly from their security systems.

Over the lifespan of the app, Ring has said that millions of people have utilized the services this platform provides. They also cite that package thieves and other burglars have been stopped through the use of this app.

The Surprise Police Department plans to use this new app to get in touch with the community they serve. They want to utilize the app to work with the community in solving crimes and hearing concerns that residents may have. The police department will also use the app to share crime alerts with the community, providing a platform to easily disperse important information to people throughout the community who have downloaded the app.

Both the creator of the app and the Surprise Police Department hope that this app will create a safer community for local residents.

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