Support Arizona Public Safety! Sign the Petition to Prevent Police Abusers From Profiting Off YouTube Videos! 

Day after day, video vigilantes who call themselves “police auditors” abuse police officers and obstruct law enforcement investigations on the streets of Tucson, Phoenix and around our country.

These abusers post videos and livestreams on YouTube, monetizing the videos and earning ad revenue by harassing police and obstructing 911 emergency scenes.

The Arizona Fraternal Order of Police has created its own video detailing exactly what’s happening . You can see the censored version of the video here:

Please help the men and women on the frontlines of law enforcement end this abuse by taking a moment to sign our petition. Join hundreds of supporters asking YouTube and its owners at Google to prevent police abusers from monetizing their videos and earning ad revenues by harassing our officers.

Sign the petition here:

“It’s disgraceful that YouTube allows these non-journalists to profit from abusing and threatening police officers and distracting cops while we’re working to protect the public in the middle of 911 emergencies,” said Paul Sheldon, the president of the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police and a Tucson police officer for 21 years. “Night after night, this practice continues to go on, making the public less safe and creating an extreme hardship for police officers whose job is hard enough without being cursed at and threatened by vigilantes with video cameras.”

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