Study Out Of Arizona First In The Nation To Look At Biopsies Of Patients With Vaping-Related Lung Injuries

Mysterious lung injuries linked to vaping have been popping up all across the U.S. A Mayo Clinic study out of Scottsdale has found the toxic chemicals behind these vaping lung injuries.

The study looked at 17 lung biopsies from vaping patients who were suspected of having lung injuries. In all 17, it was determined that the lung injuries were caused by “direct tissue damage from chemical fumes.”

Dr. Brandon Larson, a surgical pathologist at Mayo Clinic Arizona claims that the vaping lung injuries are unlike anything he has ever seen, even in a cigarette or marijuana smoker.

“What we see with these vaping cases is a kind of severe chemical injury I’ve never seen before in a tobacco smoker or a traditional marijuana smoker, but I think we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg,” said Dr. Larson.

It was suspected that tissue damage was caused by the accumulation of lipids, or fatty substances, but the study did not find any concrete evidence that this is true.

“While we can’t discount the potential role of lipids, we have not seen anything to suggest this is a problem caused by lipid accumulation in the lungs. Instead, it seems to be some kind of direct chemical injury, similar to what one might see with exposures to toxic chemical fumes, poisonous gases and toxic agents,” said Dr. Larsen.

Seven cases of vaping-related lung injuries have been reported in the state of Arizona according to the Arizona Department of Health Services.

That number is must larger across the nation. 18 deaths have been reported across 10 states.

The CDC has confirmed over 1,080 cases total.

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