State of Arizona Increases Investment in the Arts through 239 Grants

A total of 239 grants have been announced for Arizona nonprofit arts organizations, local arts agencies, schools and community organizations by the Arizona Commission on the Arts in order to improve economy.

A one-time $1.5 million allocation in the state’s fiscal year 2017 budget to the Arizona Commission on the Arts made the increased investment possible. The additional funding collected on the State’s Rainy-Day Fund will help to create more grants throughout the coming fiscal year. These grants will be used to stabilize as well as grow the arts sector in Arizona. The learning of students will be enhanced. Creative and professional development will also be nurtured. All of these things will work together in order to preserve the rich traditions existing in the communities of Arizona.

Chairman of the Arizona Commission on the Arts, Mark Feldman, said that leaders in the House and Senate fought for the Arizona communities and supported the case that an art’s sector that is vibrant plays an integral role when it comes to a healthy and improving economy. He also thanked the leaders in the State Legislature as well as Governor Ducey for making the additional investment possible.

The awarded grants are in four categories. The ‘Community Investment Grants’ will support non-profit arts organizations, tribal cultural organizations, and local arts agencies. The ‘Festival Grants’ will support organizations that make use of cultural festival activities to promote cultural programming and quality arts. The ‘Arts Learning Collaboration Grants’ will support arts educators, classroom teachers, and various arts programs in schools. The ‘Lifelong Arts Engagement Grants’ will support partnership programs with professional teaching artists and organizations in order to improve the work of community and social service entities.

The grants are awarded to nonprofit arts organizations and schools based on various factors such as the quality of programming, fiscal ingenuity, community investment, and responsible stewardship of public funds. The grant applications are reviewed by panels led by Commissioners appointed by the Governor, and include diverse community leaders, educators, volunteer experts, and arts practitioners from urban, suburban, and rural areas in Arizona.

The increased investment in the arts will surely improve the economy and help preserve the rich culture found in Arizona. 

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