SRP and City of Phoenix Collaborate to Enhance Urban Greenery and Power Line Safety

SRP and City of Phoenix Collaborate to Enhance Urban Greenery and Power Line Safety

Right Tree, Right Place initiative ensures power reliability and safety, with 180 new trees planted and 60 removed to mitigate power line risks

In a joint effort between the City of Phoenix and SRP, the 2024 Right Tree, Right Place program recently concluded, marking a significant stride in enhancing both urban greenery and power line safety. This fruitful partnership saw SRP and Phoenix collaborating to identify and eliminate trees posing a threat to overhead power lines, a proactive measure crucial for maintaining power reliability, especially with the approaching monsoon season.

The program’s methodology included the removal of 60 trees deemed hazardous to power lines, accompanied by the planting of 180 new trees across the city. For every tree removed, three more were strategically planted, either in alternate locations or with power line-friendly varieties, underscoring the program’s dual objective of environmental stewardship and infrastructure safety.

The strategic placement of these new trees along city streets within the city-owned right-of-way not only enhances the urban landscape but also contributes to increased shade, benefiting residents and mitigating the urban heat island effect. Matthew Goodnight, SRP Vegetation Management and Maintenance Supervisor, emphasized the program’s broader impact, stating, “Trees play an important role in reducing the urban heat island effect and improving air quality.”

The Right Tree, Right Place initiative extends beyond its immediate impact, with SRP’s commitment evident in its collaboration with various cities over the years, including Tempe, Mesa, Glendale, Avondale, Peoria, and Scottsdale. Since its inception in 2018, the program has facilitated the removal of over 1,300 problematic trees while planting more than 4,000 new ones, significantly enhancing the region’s green infrastructure and grid reliability.

As part of SRP’s community-focused approach, customers are encouraged to report any trees encroaching on overhead power lines for prompt evaluation and action. Additionally, residents are advised to contact Arizona 811 before initiating any underground digging activities to prevent potential damage to underground power lines.

SRP’s commitment to environmental sustainability extends beyond electricity provision, as the utility also supplies water to approximately half of the Valley’s residents, managing an extensive watershed system vital for regional water security. This holistic approach underscores SRP’s role as a key player in promoting environmental stewardship, grid reliability, and community well-being across the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.