Sports Video Games To Become The Next Popular Trend In Schools

The Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA) has a new idea to get kids involved in extra-curricular activities. During an executive board meeting this past Monday, the AIA indicated that they are attempting to bring eSports into the realm of emerging activities to keep kids involved. They plan to start this new trend in February, and it will give schools a chance to participate in state championships.

High school sports coaches seem to have to compete with student’s phones and computers these days. With the introduction of eSports, high school students will have a chance to compete in this new after-school outlet. The board will introduce two seasons, one in the fall and one in the spring. The initial season will start in February. 

The AIA Director of Business Development, Brian Bolitho, says the registration fee will be $50 per student. Students will not have to travel until it is time for the state tournament, which will held at a designated site and announced later on in the process. So many students are already into eSports, and already compete in some way, the AIA is interested in building a platform to launch the activity officially in schools. The Assistant Director of the AIA, Joe Paddock, saiD that the board has estimated that 25,000 students could be interested in this new endeavor and are involved already in a similar activity. Paddock notes that schools can already begin to register teams for the upcoming competition, and that they have the state and their school’s best interests in mind. 

Currently, there will be two leagues, a Rocket League (3v3) and a League of Legends (5v5). The school can have as many teams as they want, depending how many students are interested and involved.  Much like athletics, schools do not have to participate. However, the AIA anticipates a lot of participation in this new afterschool outlet, with another opportunity to involve kids in something they enjoy. 

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