Special Edition Beer Cans Help Conservation Efforts

A Flagstaff brewery is joining forces with the Arizona Game and Fish Department to help conserve wildlife.

Mother Road Brewing Co. is releasing special edition cans for one of its beers. The beer is aptly named Conserve and Protect, and it’s a Kolsch-style beverage.

“We want all Arizonans to know about the agency’s efforts to conserve and protect 800-plus wildlife species in the state,” said the director of AZGFD, Ty Gray.

“With Mother Road’s launch of Conserve and Protect Kolsch, we’re talking to a new audience that cares about sustainability, enjoys the outdoors and wants to contribute to wildlife conservation.”

A part of the beer’s proceeds will be donated to AZGFD. The goal of the collaboration is to help support conservation efforts without using general fund tax dollars.

“Assisting with wildlife and habitat conservation in Arizona is a natural fit for Mother Road as it dovetails with our mission of ‘building community one pint at a time,’” said CEO Michael Marquess.

The special edition cans will soon be available statewide. Consumers will be delighted by the drink’s unique taste as well as the new can.

“Conserve and Protect Kolsch is best enjoyed pulled from a cold river, and straight from the can,” the label reads. “It pairs well with fresh air, wild-caught fish, and good company.”

If you’re not interested in beer but want to help conservation efforts, you can become a conservation member by visiting AZGFD’s website.