Silver Bridge Temporarily Closed in Grand Canyon National Park

Effective immediately, the National Park Service (NPS) has closed the Silver Bridge to all foot traffic due to structural safety concerns. The Silver Bridge, which crosses the Colorado River along the Bright Angel Trail is located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon near Phantom Ranch.

During the closure, hikers must cross the Colorado River exclusively via the Black Bridge. If hiking the Bright Angel Trail, hikers should anticipate to be redirected to the River Trail and the Black Bridge which will add approximately 1.5 miles to their trip. There is no estimated time of repair for the Silver Bridge; it will remain closed until further notice.

The NPS always emphasizes the importance of staying on designated trails and hikers should never attempt to go over or around closures. All trail users should pay attention to directions from park rangers, volunteers, and signs placed along the trail.

Phantom Ranch on the North Kaibab Trail will remain open and accessible, as will Bright Angel Campground, and the South Kaibab and Bright Angel trails. As always, rangers remind hikers and backpackers to plan ahead and check the park’s website for updates on trail closure information.

There is no estimated time for the bridge to be repaired and reopened.



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