Shortage of Clorox Wipes To Last Into 2021

Disinfecting and cleaning have been everyone’s priority for the last several months and with the additional need to clean during the pandemic, it has left finding cleaning wipes nearly impossible. And with the start of the school year, classrooms will soon have a high demand for extra wipe downs, but they are hard to come by.

The overwhelming demand for cleaning supplies has left customers with a shortage of cleaning wipes and other products and Clorox says it may take until next year to replenish their supplies.

“Given the fact that cold and flu sit in the middle of the year, and then we expect the pandemic to be with us for the entirety of the year, it will take the full year to get up to the supply levels that we need to be at,” Clorox President and CEO-elect Linda Rendle said Monday in a call with analysts to discuss the company’s earnings.

When the pandemic began earlier this year, Clorox wipes and disinfectant products were among the list of products the Environmental Protection Agency recommended for controlling the spread of the coronavirus.

The company reported a 22 percent increase in sales for its fourth quarter, encompassing April, May, and June 2020, over the same period last year.

Overall, Clorox says sales are up 8 percent for their fiscal year, July 2019 through June 2020.