Secure Your Pool And Keep Tragedy Out Of The Water This Summer

As the summertime heat rises across Arizona, officials are urging pool-owning adults to secure these pieces of property in order to prevent potential tragedy.

Maricopa and Pinal counties reported 59 water incidents since the beginning of last year, eight of which were fatal incidents involving children.

Lori Schmidt, a representative from Drowning Prevention Coalition AZ, says that securing access points to the pool is a must, especially if you suspect that curious neighborhood children may be eyeing your pool for a dip.

Some addition water safety tips are:

–    If your pool does not already have one, build an isolated fence that self-closes

–    Be aware of spots that are beginning to rust—they may be easily penetrated by a motivated child

–    Make sure your pets, if you have them, do not dig holes under the fence

–    In order to prevent children from climbing over, don’t keep large objects near your fence

–    Use pool nets and covers

–    Install door alarms and heavy, high latches on the entry doors

–    Don’t entice children by leaving pool toys in the water

Don’t forget the ABC’s of water safety:

–    Adult supervision

–    Barriers

–    Classes

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