Secure Your Load: Road Debris Is An Emergency

If you see road debris, call 911; that is the official message from state officials.

The Arizona Department of Transportation, the Arizona Department of Public Safety, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, and the Maricopa Association of Governments, are working to educate the public with the third-annual ‘Secure Your Load’ day. Arizona state officials are stress the importance of safe hauling.

According to DPS, road debris are responsible for 1,000 crashes in the state every year. There have been 12 deaths in the last five years in Maricopa County due to road debris.

Here are some tips to keep your load in your trucks and off the road:

Tie it down securely – Secure items with straps, rope, bungee cords, or netting. Small string is not enough.

Cover – Loose items should be covered with netting or a tarp.

Lighter items should be placed lower – Pack lighter items under heavier items and distribute the load evenly.

Do not overload – Keep all material at the same level as the trailer or truck bed unless it is tied down securely.

Double check – Make sure to walk the vehicle, tugging on the tie downs and ask yourself if your load is road safe.

The Department of Public Safety urges drivers to call 911 immediately if they see debris on freeway. It is considered an emergency.



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