Scottsdale seeks parking relief for downtown businesses

Scottsdale’s success in downtown redevelopment has come at a cost.

As a hub for business, culture and entertainment, parking is often at a premium. 

In response, city planners are surveying downtown business and property owners for their feedback on parking solutions.

The city is considering a range of short-term fixes that include:

— A free downtown trolley starting at 5 a.m. to encourage downtown employees to park in unrestricted public parking lots outside the most congested areas.

— Implementing and enforcing two-hour parking limits for street parking in the northeast quadrant of downtown.

— Providing information to area employers about mass transit services that could help their employees.

Improving the availability of parking information through wayfinding signage or a mobile app.

Scottsdale got some recent parking relief via a private investment that added 236 parking spaces in the Galleria Corporate Centre garage.

Mid and long-term parking solutions are also being examined, including the feasibility of developing a privately-funded structure with more than 700 parking spaces on the site of the current Sixth Avenue surface lot.  

This could occur through a public bid process that would allow a developer to lease a portion of the spaces for exclusive business use. 

To provide feedback, go to and search “Downtown parking.”

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