Scottsdale Named One of WalletHub’s Top Cities for Summer Jobs

WalletHub’s 2017 list for Best Jobs for Summer Jobs places Scottsdale toward the top of their list for is “social environment and affordability” and “youth job market.”

Among cities in Arizona, three cities made it onto the list. Scottsdale finished number 2 on the list overall. While the Arizona city of Tempe made it to number 32 and Chandler ranked number 34 on the list, respectively.

WalletHub ranked 150 of the largest cities in America based on the cities’ friendliness to young adults searching for summer work.  The company used 21 “key indicators of employment outlook, affordability and downtime-friendliness.”

Countless specific metrics for the jobs list were used such as “availability of internships,” “availability of summer jobs,” “median income of part time workers,” and so on.

The 21 metrics were then categorized into two specific groups: the above-mentioned categories of “social environment and affordability” and “youth job market.” Based on these two categories, Scottsdale ranked number 1 in the U.S. in social environment and affordability and finishing at number 3 in the youth job market thus giving it the number two ranking overall.

This is not the only list from WalletHub that Scottsdale has been placed on, WalletHub has put Scottsdale on the list for the best city for an active lifestyle, one of the happiest places to live, and one of the best cities in the country to get a job. 


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