Scottsdale Airport Operations Center earns The LEED Silver Award

The impacts of climate change has resulted in the development of lots of innovative technology in the real estate and construction industry to ensure better sustainability, safety and security. The U.S. Green Building Council in line with the global trend of green technological development standard granted the Scottsdale Airport Operations Center the LEED award for its leading role in eco-friendly and green building operations. The award was also given to them for providing security, a safe haven and for conserving airfield operation. 

The Scottsdale Airport Operations Center is a high-tech edifice of 4.9 million dollars that features environmentally friendly materials.

A good numbers of new city buildings have to be built to meet the LEED Gold Standards in fulfillment of the regulations of Section 2 of Resolution No. 6644. However, a lot of construction companies are unable to attain the Gold standard. 

The majorities of architects and staffs of the building companies that exceled are only able to attain the LEED Silver standards mostly due to their inability to install solar panels because of the potential shimmer or reflection to pilots while flying into and out of the airport. 

The Scottsdale Airport Operations Center proudly scaled through the Silver certification process. A staff of the center, Gary P. Mascaro, echoes the company’s pride to make it to this level of certification when he said, “Not only is the center a contemporary, glossy and lustrous building; it was as well intended to meet the U.S. Green Building Council  high level of eco-friendly standards.”

The Scottsdale Airport Operations Center is an innovative, two-story, ten thousand SF building. It is a steel-framed structure with a rusty steel panel frontage and metal side border. 

The Scottsdale Airport Operations Center building venture was completed through the use of a lot of sustainable approaches such as which include the following:

  • Parking lots for  low-emitting and energy efficient automobiles
  • Bicycle racks
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures
  • Illumination during the day for interior spaces
  • The roof does not result to heat island effect
  • No CFC constructed refrigerants
  • The construction materials were mostly locally sourced
  • The building materials mostly used are high recycled content
  • The materials and products used in the construction of the interior of the center were materials with low or no unstable VOC’s; which merited it the award.

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