Runaway Pets Await Owners at Valley Shelters After Holiday

More than 90 pets in the Phoenix area have been taken to local shelters after July 4th festivities. Echoing booms of fireworks are multiple times louder for cats and dogs then humans and many valley pets escaped their homes in an effort to get away from the noise. Over 35 pets were brought in on Tuesday evening with an additional 40 the following day on Wednesday. This is creating a burden on the already overcrowded shelters in the area, as well as proving to be stressful for the pet owners.

If one of your pets got loose over the holiday, the first thing to do is to check shelters for their microchip number. Even if they were not wearing a collar with proper identification tags, the microchip will be the most reliable locator. Some pet owners do not think to check local shelters and are never able to find their pets. It is important to work quickly because shelters will hold animals for 3 days before processing them for adoption.

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