Revamped Dust Storm Alerts to Warn Drivers of Impending Storms

Dust storms are a part of life in Arizona, and they are a danger to those on the road. Starting this summer, a revamped dust-storm alert system will keep drivers safer during the storms.

The system narrows the areas that will receive dust storm text alerts, and meteorologists believe this will better target those directly impacted by the storm.

The original system sent messages to the county that contained the storm, not just to the specific area being affected. Many residents felt like they were receiving too many of these alerts, and this prompted the change.

The system used for the dust storm alerts will be used for flood warnings as well.

In addition to the text alerts, the Department of Transportation will place cameras and radars on I-10 near Picacho Peak to warn drivers of impending storms.

They hope to avoid major accidents caused by dust storms by getting the warning out sooner. The cameras and text alerts will help them achieve this goal. 

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