Relieve Your Rage at Simply Smashing

If you’re feeling stressed Tempe’s Simply Smashing Rage Release Room might be what you’re looking for. The good news, they are now open, time to smash the stress away.

“We call this a safe place to lose control,”  said Steve Wilk, the owner.

The new business is a place for recreational and therapeutic destruction.

“We have inanimate objects of all types, we have glass, ceramic, electronics, TVs, machines, printers, and sometimes toilets and aquariums so a big variety for people to smash,” said Wilk.

You can smash plates, vases, and even personal items.

“Two-thirds of the people do it just because it’s fun, the other third comes in because there’s some stress in their life,” said Wilk.

Bachelorette parties and team building outings have utilized the new business. Steve’s belief is that the act of destroying an inanimate object help heal you. He’s also had a young guest that had lost his father.

“He came out, and he was actually lighter, and he was giggling he had fun so it gave him at least a short break from the pain that he was going through,” said Wilk.

Steve loves being able to help people with this unique business venture.

“Most places you go in, you break it you buy it, here you buy it then you break it,” said Wilk.

If you are ready for a smashing good time and want to relieve some stress, click here .

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