Raw Cookie Dough Restaurant Opening Soon In Scottsdale

Old Town Scottsdale will soon experience the opening of a cookie dough shop operated by a father and daughter. The team consists of father Perry Peterson, and daughter Mckenzie June. The restaurant, named Unbaked, will be a Scottsdale first, specializing in and serving edible raw cookie dough.

The restaurant is expecting a June opening, and seeks to put an Arizona spin on the cookie dough trend that has swept the nation. Mckenzie June has stated that after visiting New York’s Cookie DO NYC, she was inspired to bring the scene to Arizona. 

A Restaurant With A Strong Social Media Presence

The duo believes that having a strong social media presence, will be a key part of their vision. June intends for the restaurant to be both Snapchat and Instagram friendly. Witty one-liners like “I got chip-faced at unbaked” featured on signs throughout the restaurant, will likely be shared by customers on their social media accounts.

Developing Unique Cookie Dough Flavors

Aside from being social media-savvy, Peterson and June know that the ultimate challenge is providing a great product. With the help of an experienced local baker, the team has been experimenting with various flavors in the attempt to hone an original taste. In addition to cookie dough, Unbaked will also have ice cream for sale.

June has an extensive restaurant background, and plans for Unbaked to be successful through providing a friendly environment, great food, and dedicated service. Peterson intends to take care of the majority of the behind-the-scenes work. With a mortgage industry background, he has the experience needed to deal with the company’s finances.

Being set in a thriving Old Town location, the father-daughter team expects for the restaurant to be alluring to the younger crowd, tourists, and local families. The location is 3720 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale AZ. Visit their website to learn more information.

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