‘Rainbow Fentanyl’ Confiscated For Second Day in a Row at Nogales Port of Entry

The war on drugs rages on at our Arizona border.

For the second day consecutive day, border patrol officers discover someone with “rainbow fentanyl” at the Nogales Port of Entry.

Customs and Border Protection agents at the Arizona border seized more than 15,000 fentanyl pills that were strapped to a person’s legs on Wednesday. Officials are worried this could be the start  of a trend targeting young people.

Port Director Michael W. Humphries said the candy-looking pills seized at the Arizona Port of Entry marks the second consecutive day that such pills were found. “This could be the start of a trend with transnational criminal organizations targeting younger users.”

One day prior, Border Patrol agents at the same port of entry seized a vehicle that had 250,000 fentanyl pills contained inside. The often lethal drugs are colored like candy. In the discovering, officers also found 11 pounds of heroin and 10 pounds of methamphetamine.

Humphries was thankful his officers made sure those dangerous narcotics won’t make it to U.S. cities.

Customs and Border Protection reported that agents at the Nogales Port of Entry seized more than 70,000 fentanyl pills on Aug. 9, and more than 1.1 million fentanyl pills were seized from July 31 through Aug. 7.

The Arizona seizures come just a few days after officials in Oregon seized “rainbow fentanyl” in Portland.

Authorities want to relay to the public to be aware of the rising use of powdered fentanyl and believe this will be the new trend seen on the streets.