Protecting Your Home While On Vacation

Unfortunately, many of the traditional ways once used to deter thieves from breaking into homes just aren’t very effective anymore. Although there were days when simply locking all of the entrances, and placing a beware of dog sign on the front door of a home would work, crooks are becoming more brazen in their efforts to break-in.

Many realtors are encouraging homeowners to invest in outdoor security cameras to protect their properties. It’s even possible to equip a home with some of these devises for less than $100. Ring offers a variety of products to keep you connected to your home in real time, regardless of location.

Some other recommendations include joining local vacation watch programs or hiring a home concierge that can check on your home while you’re away. In addition to taking these precautions, homeowners can also receive useful neighborhood updates from free social networks like Nextdoor. Websites like this make it convenient for people to report neighborhood break-ins and organize community watch groups.

There are also some safeguards that homeowners should take to protect their homes against Mother Nature. If you live in a hurricane prone region, then you should unplug all the appliances and electronics if you’re going to be away. Residents can also save some money by shutting off their main water valves and slightly raising the temp on their thermostats during the summer months.