Powerball Adds Third Weekly Drawing, Giving Arizonans Another Chance To Win Big

Starting Monday, Arizona residents will have another chance to win the lottery as the state announces plans to add a third weekly Powerball Monday night drawing!

The new Monday drawing will join the lineup of Powerball drawings, currently held on Wednesday and Saturday, on August 23, 2021, at 7:59 p.m. MST.

“Powerball is one of the most exciting and popular lottery draw games here in Arizona, known for its life-changing jackpots,” said Arizona Lottery Executive Director Gregg Edgar. “Offering another drawing each week means more opportunities to play and win, and that excitement will translate into additional ticket sales supporting critical programs in Arizona that combat homelessness, support our children and crime victims, protect our unique wildlife, and grow our economy.”

According to lottery officials, the Arizona Lottery projects at the close of Fiscal Year 2021, a total of over $270 million will be transferred to the state from over $1.4 billion in sales.  Since Governor Doug Ducey took office in Fiscal Year 2015, the Arizona Lottery has returned more than $1.141 billion to the state, the most from any gaming entertainment option in Arizona.

These unprecedented returns benefit more than a dozen vital programs and services across the Grand Canyon state, including:

  • The Arizona Department of Economic Security, with a significant portion (about 1/3) going to the Central Arizona Shelter System (CASS) to combat homelessness and mitigate COVID-19’s dangers to this especially vulnerable population.
  • The Arizona Competes Fund, through the Arizona Commerce Authority, to foster economic growth across the state, and to attract new business while helping current companies to thrive here.
  • The Heritage Fund, administered by the Arizona Game and Fish Department, to preserve and protect our state’s iconic landscapes and wildlife.
  • The Arizona Board of Regents’ University Bond Fund, used to secure financing for the construction and maintenance of the infrastructure on the campuses of our state’s three public universities.

    “In the end, lottery and Powerball are all about that opportunity to win and dream big and have a lot of fun,” said Edgar.

    “It’s an entertainment proposition where, in the end, that dollar you put down goes back to help the community,” he added.

    The additional drawing will not change the Powerball game, price, prize structure, or the odds of winning.

    The schedule for these additional ticket sales for Monday drawings will be identical to the current schedule, with sales being paused at 6:59 p.m. on draw nights.

    Players can watch the new Monday night drawing online on a livestream on Powerball.com. Players can purchase Powerball tickets at all 3,000+ Arizona Lottery retail locations. For more information, please visit ArizonaLottery.com.