Police Release Report on Missing Arizona Geologist Daniel Robinson

On Thursday, Buckeye Police released its report about the ongoing investigation into the disappearance of geologist Daniel Robinson.

The 24-year-old geologist Daniel Robinson went missing from a job site in an isolated part of Buckeye on June 23. His disappearance is still an ongoing investigation.

On Thursday, Buckeye Police released a report about the man’s disappearance and what they have learned in the days leading up to and after he disappeared.

The report detailed how family, friends and co-workers felt Robinson had been acting strange in the days prior to him going missing.

The last person who saw Robinson was a co-worker who said he arrived at the job site and announced ” things that did not make sense” and suddenly left after about 15 minutes.

Days prior to that, the report said his behavior involving a woman he’d met while working a side job for a food delivery service was odd.

Allegedly, during one of his deliveries on June 12, a customer invited him to hang out at her home with her and her friend. Days later, texts detailed that Robinson repeatedly showed up at the woman’s home unannounced, after she asked him not to.

Family members reported that he said he was in love with her, however the text message chain did not show the feelings reciprocated from the woman.

The information from the report provide no clear answers as to what happened, however his family believes police took too long to start searching for Robinson.

The report details how the family requested a helicopter search the day after Robinson went missing on June 24th, but was declined. The request was eventually approved on June 25.

In addition, Tempe Police were dispatched to check Robinson’s apartment on June 24 they  however did not go inside. Police finally entered Robinson’s home on July 7, nearly two weeks after he was reported missing.

In addition, Civil Air Patrol, which is a group of volunteers who execute air searches in cases such as these, were not contacted by police until July 7.

A turn of events occurred on July 19th when a local rancher located Robinson’s Jeep overturned in a ravine. Police said rough terrain prevented it from being seen from the air. His car appeared to have rolled over and sustained significant damage with its airbags deployed. The scene at his car did not indicate foul play as his clothes, boots, phone, wallet, and keys were found inside.

The family has hired their own private investigator, who has been in the process of conducting their own search with volunteers.

The police department reported this week that it is consulting outside experts for enhanced analysis of data from Daniel’s vehicle.

If you have any information on this case, you are asked to call the Buckeye Police Department.


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