Pillsbury Flour Recalled For Potential E. Coli Contamination

Pillsbury Best 5-pound Bread Flour, distributed by Hometown Food Company, is being recalled.

This recall marks the second brand of flour to be recalled for potential E. coli contamination.

ADM Milling told Hometown Food Company that some wheat used to make the flour had been linked to E. coli illnesses associated with other flour products from the manufacturer.

The 4,620 cases of recalled flour was made by ADM Milling Company in Buffalo, New York. The recalled products have a use by date of either June 8, 2020 or June 9, 2020, a UPC code of 051500200315, and the lot codes 8342 or 8343.

Anyone who purchased the flour is being encouraged to discard it or return it for a refund. There were 14,000 cases of flour made by King Arthur Flour Inc. recalled last week due to potential E. coli contamination. There have been no reported cases of E. coli infection due to flour consumption. However, symptoms include: severe stomach cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting. Symptoms usually last five to seven days.