Piano Classes for Young Musicians

Music Works Academy is starting a new 15-week semester of Prelude Piano Classes for Young Musicians the week of August 21.  They offer classes for preschool children, as well as to kindergarten and first graders. 

When children learn music, they are unwrapping potential and talent that they maybe never knew they had within them.  At Music Works Academy, their goal and passion is  to give the gift of music to your little ones with a quality music education.

In their Piano Preschool “Shining Stars” classes, children ages 3-5 will be able to gently prepare their little fingers for piano lessons.  They will develop listening skills with solfege singing, and use hand coordination while playing rhythms with drumming.

When young children learn music, they are using the whole brain, instead of  just left or right brain.  Learning music helps kids academically, emotionally, helps with attention spans, and motivates students to achieve something great.  Children love being engaged and to learn new things and at Music Works Academy, the students are eager to learn music through the fun and engaging lessons.

The “LeapFrog” piano lessons are offered to kindergarten and first grade students in small group classes. With a small group setting, students still get the individual help they are needing, but are also learning to cooperate with other students. 

Music Works Academy is located at 302 W. Bethany Home Road.  For more information and for registration forms, head to http://musicworksacademy.com and click on the Prelude tab under “Programs,” or call the studio at 602-264-5188. 







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