Phoenix Zoo On The Way To A New Wildlife Amphitheater

The Phoenix Zoo is a non-profit, charitable organization with a goal of inspiring and movtivating people to care for the natural world.  Over 3,000 animals call the Zoo home.  400 species can be found at the Zoo, including 30 endangered or threatened species.  The Zoo is dedicated to conservation, at home and abroad.  It partners with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Species Survival Plan to manage populations of certain species to ensure they remain healthy and self-sustaining.  For information on how you can participate with the Zoo’s conservation efforts, click here.

Currently the zoo has a 50-seat amphitheater which it uses for live animal shows to teach about animal adaptations.  With an amphitheater this small, people miss out on the animal shows due to crowding. The types of shows offered are also limited by the small space. Thunderbirds Charities has generously donated $250,000 to the Phoenix Zoo’s Pride Campaign.  The Pride Campaign has a goal of raising $12.1 million dollars for various projects, including upgrading numerous habitats, and an upgraded conservation center in addition to the new amphitheater.  The $250,000 Thunderbirds Charities generously donated will be put toward the amphitheater project.  

The new amphitheater will be located on the Nina Mason Pulliam Children’s Trail.  In addition to wildlife shows, the new facility will house the Zoo’s educational collection of animals.  The flexible space can also be used for artistic performances and organizational functions.

To plan your next visit, or to contribute to the Pride Campaign, visit




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