Phoenix Sky Harbor To Showcase Weather-Inspired Art

Unless you’re a meteorologist the weather is a subject that gives most of us little pause to think and is often delegated to nothing more than passing small talk.

This, however, is not the case to the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and artists like Carole Ann Schrader and Betsy Aguirre. For them and many others, our weather and the landscapes it engulfs are things of great inspiration, capable of telling stories about our State’s natural beauty. In order to celebrate that spirit, from now until March 19th, 2017, a new art exhibit, Arizona Weather, From Duststorms to Snowstorms will be on display at Sky Harbor in Terminal 4, level 3 east and west ends.

Over the next six months, nearly eight display cases will proudly house such works as Ms. Schrader’s and Aguirre’s enchanting watercolors Desert Defiance and Downhill Skier. Airport visitors will also be able to appreciate many other weather-inspired works by 29 different artists from over 18 cities across the state. Summer monsoons, lightening storms, frigid cold, intense heat, dust storms, flash floods, and heat waves, real or imagined, are and will continue to be on display in Terminal 4. Selections in this exhibit showcase the many unique routes taken by artists In their quest to properly depict the delicate and oftentimes surreal beauty of Arizona weather. Across a varying array of media from black and white photographs to charcoal these artists have displayed mastery in their craft by expertly capturing the power and unpredictability of mother nature from their unique perspective.

Being that the Phoenix Airport Museum is one of the largest airport art museums in the nation this exhibit will add some welcome flair to what is already an impressive collection of over 900 works spread across 35 exhibition spaces. If you would like to learn more about Arizona Weather, From Duststorms to Snowstorms you can make a trip out to the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport or visit

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