Phoenix Residents Disappointed in Council’s Orangedale Development Decision

Some residents of Phoenix’s Orangedale neighborhood are disappointed by plans for a new condominium development. Plans for this new development will proceed following the unanimous approval of neighborhood zoning changes by the Phoenix City Council at their Jan. 9 meeting.

Under the developer’s plan, more than two dozen three-story condos will be built in the Orangedale neighborhood. This neighborhood is currently home to families occupying single-family homes, many of whom have lived in the area for years. These condos will be built on nearly two acres of land, surrounded by single family homes. Each unit will be 32 feet tall, allowing space for a two-car garage under the unit. This is taller than the current 28-foot height allowed for a single family residence.

The plans for this new development are on track to begin construction about a year from now.

Residents who are disagree with the plan are concerned that the condos clash with the neighborhood’s historical character. The developer seeks to build in an area that has been developed for nearly 70 years, and some residents are concerned that the culture of the area is at risk with the new condos moving into their longtime home. Throughout the process, residents have felt like their voices were not heard by the city council.

The developer of this project, MAS Holdings LLC is aware of the concerns that residents have publicly voiced in recent months. After hearing residents who are concerned that the condos may hurt school districts and future economic development by introducing a transient population to the neighborhood, MAS Holdings LLC legal representative Paul Gilbert weighed in on the issue. Gilbert views the new development as an opportunity for those who need to downsize to stay in the neighborhood in which so many residents have lived their whole lives.

The council has spoken on the issue of this new development, with Councilman Sal DiCiccio citing these types of changes happening across Phoenix and the United States.


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