Phoenix Rescue Mission’s Red Summer Heat Relief Campaign Needs Help

In anticipation of what could be its hottest summer ever recorded, the Red Summer Heat Relief Campaign, which is run by the Phoenix Rescue Mission will start on May 1st. The program, which will run until August 31st, is dedicated to providing food, water, and other heat relief to the elderly and homeless population. These people are at risk of dying from excessive heat, a fate that 114 individuals fell victim to last year.

According to Jay Cory, the CEO of Phoenix Rescue Mission, there are three things the rescue mission always needs: water, manpower, and monetary donations. He encourages people to either start a water drive, or simply donate a case or two individually. In order to reach everyone who needs help, manpower is needed, so consider volunteering. As with most help organizations, donations of money are always welcome.

Volunteer drivers will help the Hope Coach Outreach program to deliver needed items to the Valley’s homeless and elderly population. Drop-off sites that accept donations of heat relief items like hats, sunscreen and water are located throughout the city. If you are interested in helping The Red Summer Heat Relief Campaign, contact Catie Hammann: [email protected] or 602-346-3347.

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