Phoenix ranks as the best city for pizza

Fresh basil, cured meats and sizzling cheese can be seen amongst the landscape of fresh kneaded pizza dough. A similar scene may be found on the countryside of Italy but you are right in Phoenix, folks!

According to Travel & Leisure, Phoenix is the number one spot for pizza in the country (with Detroit as a close second and Buffalo, NY in third).

With all sorts of pizza restaurants, you are apt to find any kind of pizza that you are craving, whether it is the family favorite pepperoni pizza or something new and exciting like caramelized onion, goat cheese and jalapeño pizza!

“‘In Phoenix, locals and visitors can enjoy classic thin crust joints and James Beard award-winning margheritas, or order gourmet Neapolitan, wood-fired pies, traditional deep-dishes and yes, even drive-through pizza by the slice,” reads Travel & Leisure’s story about its top cities list. “This Southwestern city even has an annual pizza festival.’” According to BizJournals story about Phoenix being named the top spot in the nation for pizza.

If you’re visiting the area, you will want to be sure to put Pizzeria Bianco at the top of your list. Oregano’s and Spinato’s are two other pizza places you will not want to miss!

If you want to try a new pizza concept, be sure to check out Fired Pie and Blaze Pizza, for a little bit of “build your own” action.

No matter if you’re a fan of the next best pizza toppings or a fan of plain cheese pizza, everyone will leave Phoenix with a full belly and a smile upon their face. If it’s good enough for James Beard, it’s good enough for us!

Have you visited the Valley recently and had a mouth watering slice of pizza? Comment below, we want to hear from you! 

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