Phoenix Libraries Host Solar Eclipse Program

On Monday, August 21st, the country will be able to see an eclipse of the sun, a phenomenon that is rare.

This rare occurrence is when the moon completely covers the sun. The eclipse will be seen across the U.S, however it will be a total eclipse in some places of the country and partial in others. 

Prior to the solar eclipse on Monday, the Phoenix Public Library is holding educational programs for both adults and children this weekend to learn more about this rare occurrence. The emphasis of the classes is for families to have a fun and educational experience that they will remember. 

Lee Franklin, the community relations manager for the Phoenix Public Library explains, “It involves a lot of education about what exactly the eclipse is, and our relationship as a planet to the sun and the moon.” Most importantly Franklin explains, “There will also be safety tips on how to best and safely view the eclipse.”

Eight of the 17 Phoenix Public Library’s branches have classes scheduled. Most of the classes are offered this Saturday. A few will take place on Sunday and one will be held on Monday. The classes are free and do not require registration.


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