Phoenix Costume Shop Closing After 72 years Of Business

In a recent announcement of somber news for many Phoenix residents, it was discovered that Easley’s Fun Shop will be closing in late 2018. Over the years, the shop has gathered scores of fans from multiple generations that date back to its opening in the 1940s.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit of Bert Easley

It all started with Bert Easley in 1947. Being an experienced Vaudeville Magician, it was a perfectly natural entrepreneurial move for Bert Easley to eventually open up Easley’s Fun Shop. Since then, each succeeding generation added their own flavor to the family-owned company. For example, costumes were not added until the 2nd generation of Easley owners, while the 3rd generation focused on giving the business a web presence.

The 15,000 square-foot shop contains all kinds of hats, gag gifts, and costumes perfect for a number of occasions. Die-hard fans and long-time Phoenix residents are looking forward to one final Halloween, donning costumes provided by the legendary Valley shop.

Debbie Easley, the stores current general manager, says the desire for increased family time, is the number one reason behind the store’s closing. As Debbie’s parents, who currently own the shop, continue to age, her wish is to be able to attend to them unhindered by the demands of shop keeping. Additionally, online competition has proven to be somewhat damaging. Without such strong public support, Easley’s Fun Shop could have easily gone down the path of closing that Mesa’s Groovy Ghoulies Costumes went, in the face of online competition. 

Continuing To Serve The Community

Aside from Halloween, both Pride celebrations and Phoenix Comic Fest events have regularly served as financial support for the shop. Regardless of closing her store, Debbie Easley intends to remain involved in the Phoenix community she loves. She may in fact occasionally open seasonal pop-up stores, that feature some of the shop’s hottest items.