Phoenix Art Museum Opens Doors to Public for Free Weekend

This weekend, February 10 – 11, is another of Discount Tire’s monthly sponsored free family weekend at the Phoenix Art Museum. The second weekend of every month, Phoenix Art Museum opens its doors to the public for free general admission, thanks to the benevolence of Discount Tire.

During these free weekends, there are many activities to take advantage of while visiting the museum that will be fun for the whole family. There are free tours, scavenger hunts, story time and live performances, with many more activities to take part in. Every month there is also a featured local artist, who could be a painter, sculptor, or from performing arts. Learning about and with this artist is also included during these free weekends.

Phoenix Art Museum has a different theme every month, and Februarys theme is Red. Community partners with the museum also change with the month. During February of 2018, the museum’s community partners include Halle Heart Children’s Museum, Now & Then Creative Company, Nick Rascona – Visual Artist, Sentidos Dance, Bookmans and Phoenix Public Library.

Also, there is the return of a much-loved Ikebana of Arizona to the museum for this free weekend. Ikebana of Arizona is celebrating is 39th annual display at the museum this year. For those who don’t know, Ikebana means “living flowers” and is the art of Japanese disciplined flower arranging. This practice originated in China, and came with Buddhism to Japan in the sixth century. As is the case with much art in Japan, there are meanings and symbols all throughout the discipline, and brings focus to the parts of the flower often ignored in Western floral arrangements, focusing on leaves and stems as opposed to petals. Ikebana of Arizona will be at the museum from Friday February 9th to Sunday February 11th, and will be included in the free admission on Saturday and Sunday.

The Phoenix Art Museum’s Discount Tire Free Family Weekend will have the doors open to the public and free from 10 AM to 5 PM Saturday February 10th and from Noon to 5 PM Sunday February 11th.

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