Your crafty password may not be powerful enough to overcome a cyberattacker. Earlier this month, LinkedIn urged its users to change their passwords after a database was hacked, exposing millions of passwords.

Passwords May Become a Thing of the Past

We have passwords for everything nowadays, and it becomes confusing when each password has to meet specific requires. The good news is soon we may be able to do without passwords altogether.

The World Wide Web Consortium creates the complicated standards that passwords must abide by, and they’ve approved a new way to access accounts — called “web authentication.” It’s similar to how you access your smartphone; instead of a password, you use can secure your account by face identification, USB keys, and fingerprints.

The organization blames passwords for data breaches, and this is why they’ve partnered with FIDO Alliance to give web users a more secure way to access the internet.

Companies are already starting to utilize the new authentication measures. Google replaced their web passwords with physical security keys, which has reportedly reduced data breaches.

Technology experts say this type of authentication is only going to advance further, and the cost of utilizing such measures will decrease.

Chrome OS, Windows, and Safari— among other browsers— have already authorized “web authentication” to be used on their systems, so now’s your chance to make passwords a thing of the past!


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