Panera to Start Delivery

For all those Panera lovers out there in the Valley of the Sun, you will no longer need to brave the heat to get your fill. By the end of the year, the popular sandwich franchise will begin a comprehensive delivery service throughout much of the Metropolitan Phoenix area. 

These drivers will be employed directly by Panera, so they will be on location and ready to pick up the orders fresh as they are ordered. This is a move away from the ride sharing delivery initiatives that seem to be sweeping the country. Panera claims that this move is strategic in nature given the scope of their business. Their food needs to be fresh and delivered in a timely manner in order to retain the Panera name. While other services were examined in an effort to make this happen, the confidence level simply was not there.

This is why the franchise has opted to use its own internal delivery drivers, and the tests to this point have been nothing sort of stellar to say the least.  Many metro areas are already enjoying Panera delivery, so this should be a welcome addition to the Phoenix food market. Imagine being at the office and not wanting to brave the elements outside to grab a bite to eat. Now, Panera will be able to answer that call and bring you your favorite sandwich and bakery orders at a time that you specify.

Hiring their own drivers gives Panera control over the entire process. This should also prove to add a spark to the local economy, as estimates are that the company will be hiring roughly 400 drivers in the Phoenix area to service its 24 restaurants currently open for business. Put the number on speed dial and prepare for the launch by late 2017. 

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