‘No Labels’: Arizona Secretary of State Announces New Political Party To Be On Arizona Ballots In 2024

Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes released information that  a new political party called “No Labels” will be recognized as a political party and will be on Arizona election ballots beginning with the 2024 Presidential Primary election.

Fontes made the announcement on Wednesday.

“After an extensive review by my office and by county elections officials across the state, the No Labels Party has exceeded the minimum signature requirement and, therefore, qualifies as a new party for federal, statewide, and legislative races in the 2024 Primary and General Elections under Arizona law. As Secretary of State, I am committed to supporting county election officials to ensure that they are prepared for this new addition to the state’s list of parties and any other changes to the 2024 ballot.”

The No Labels concept emerged with an increasing alliance of independent voters were dissatisfied with both major parties.  It is a national movement of people who believe in America and in bringing our leaders together to solve our toughest problems.

Even a small number of voters backing the No Labels candidate could make a significant impact in an election. No Labels will now have a guaranteed line on the ballot for every state and federal race in Arizona. Discussions have ensued that the group could provide a channel to support Arizona independent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, who left the Democratic Party last year and is expected to face a hard reelection fight in a three-way race.