New Specialty Arizona License Plate Options

While 60 specialty license plates is enough to choose from, Arizona residents may be getting more options.

Several bills were approved by state lawmakers to create seven new specialty license plates.

“The nice thing about having so many specialty plates, of course, is that there are a real diverse number of charitable organizations that get a lot of people’s interest,” said a spokesman with the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division, Doug Nick.

One new option is a flying cross license plate, which will only be available to those who meet certain criteria. They have to prove they are a veteran and a flying cross recipient.

Other new options include: college football, community service, humanitarian services, and Alzheimer’s research. There will also be a “share the road” plate. It’s goal is to awareness and cyclist safety.

The nonprofits organizations who pitched the plates must pay $32,000 in start-up costs before the plates are available. The organizations must also design the plate, and the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) will ensure the design “meets all the requirements of being a good license plate.”

“In other words, it’s easily readable by law enforcement and it’s not too busy in terms of design, the color and all those things,” he said.

The price to purchase one of these plates is $25, and $17 of the fee goes to charity. Last July, ADOT announced that specialty license plate sales totaled more than $10 million.

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