New Security Scanners at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport to Provide Ease to Travellers

The Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport hub will take part in a pilot study regarding the adoption of CT technology by American Airlines in order to shorten time travellers spend at airport security checkpoints.

American Airlines will be spending close to $5 million to bring screening technology to major hubs, and speed things up for passengers. The carrier has partnered up with Transportation Safety Administration for the current initiative which consists of two major parts. CT (computer tomography) technology will be deployed for carry-on bags, and automated screening lanes will be installed.

While CT technology is already being used when it comes to checked baggage, American Airlines will be the first U.S. carrier that will make use of the system for carry-on bags. The adoption of the said technology will allow travellers to leave gels, aerosols, laptops, etc. in their carry-on bags at all times when they go through airport security.

Bags will be carried into X-ray machines through belts that are part of the proposed automated lanes. There will be system capable of separating bags containing a potential threat and property bins that are 25% larger than the ones found in regular screening lanes.

More effective accountability will be provided for items through RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags attached to each bin as they go through the system.

The proposed changes will help cut down the time people spend in security lines by 30%. The overall effectiveness of security will also be increased through the initiative. According to Ross Feinstein, a spokesman for American Airlines, the CT technology is state of the art, and “Phoenix is a great place to test out technology that hasn’t been tested in any other airport in the nation.”

The pilot study will begin near the end of 2016 at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. If the study proves to be successful the initiative will expand throughout the nation.

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