New Restaurants Opening In the Phoenix Area

A wave of new restaurants will be opening up in the Phoenix area starting this fall, and continuing on until spring of 2018. There are quite a few notable prospects on this list for Valley residents to keep an eye out for. Some of these restaurants are brand new, others will be making a valiant return to the Phoenix area, but all are eagerly anticipated.

1. Chef Lounge
Come September, Scottsdale will see the opening of Chef Lounge, a non-traditional, modern fine dining experience. Josh Herbert and the minds behind Chef Lounge, intend for the restaurant to serve as a co-working space as well as a place to eat.

2. Starlight BBQ
Starlight BBQ will be opening up in November in downtown Scottsdale. The restaurant will be serving all of your traditional BBQ favorites, while offering a unique selection of craft beers.


3. Welcome Diner
This southern-style diner will be opening up in downtown Phoenix toward the end of this year. It will also be expanding its menu to serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


4. Pa’La
Pa’La will be a counter style restaurant, with menu items fused from Italian and Mexican traditions. Many of these meals will be deliciously wood-fire grilled.


5. Sizzle
Sizzle, will be a Korean barbecue spot opening up in early 2018 in downtown Scottsdale. The location will expand upon the vision of the original, which was located in Desert Ridge Marketplace.


6. Mowry & Cotton
Mallory & Cotton will be opening in Phoenix in October, and will serve contemporary meals as well as a variety of expertly mixed cocktails.


7. Taco Chelo
Taco Chelo, opening in Downtown Phoenix in December, will be concocting a number of unique tacos served on traditional handmade corn tortillas.


8. Terra Farm And Manor
In spring of 2018, Terra Farm And Manor will be opening up in Prescott National Forest. The manor will not only serve as a restaurant, but a culinary school as well.


9. Little Miss BBQ
Little Miss BBQ has received national attention, and will be opening a second location in Sunnyslope in early 2018. This location will be serving dinner, which will include one of the restaurant’s known favorites, “Sticky Sweet Ribs”.


10. Shaanxi
Shaanxi will feature a prominent number of chefs from Xi’an, and seeks to quickly become a sought after option in the Mesa nightlife. The restaurant will be opening in Mesa in October.


11. Leoni’s Focaccia
What was formerly an Italian sandwich shop, will be soon be morphing into a full restaurant. Leoni’s Focaccia will be opening in Spring of 2018 in downtown Phoenix.


12. Roland’s
Roland’s will be opening in Phoenix in early 2018, and will soon be the newest addition to the Roland’s Market building. Construction of the menu is currently underway.


13. Tempe Public Market Cafe
Tempe Public Market Cafe will be making use of a wood-fired oven, unlike the original location which is known for rotisserie cooking. It will be opening in South Tempe in December.

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