New Poll: Nearly 9 in 10 Voters Feel Pharmacy Benefit Managers Should be Required to Pass Discounts and Other Savings on to Consumers

Drugs costs are a major concern for most Americans. The current healthcare system allows Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) to act as middlemen and reap large profits off the backs of consumers. Reform is long overdue.  As Congress considering major drug pricing, a new poll conducted by the Arizona Independent Pharmacy Coalition (AIPC) demonstrates the frustration that consumers are feeling with PBMs under the current system.

PBMs negotiate discounts on prescription drugs from manufacturers but are not required to pass those savings along to the consumer. The poll showed that 81% of voters feel that these PBMs should not be allowed to keep these discounts for themselves, and a whopping 89% of voters feel these savings should be required to be passed on to consumers at the pharmacy counter.  Eighty-eight percent of voters reported that they would be supportive of capping co-pays on multiple chronic disease medications in Medicare at $35.

“Medications are essential for many people to live a healthy and happy life. Letting the PBMs continue to rake in exorbitant profits by pocketing drug discounts and other savings often puts the price of these life-saving medications out of reach of many. Nobody should have to skip medication or take less than the prescribed dosage so that these middlemen companies can get rich,” said Monique Whitney, Executive Director of AIPC.

The poll was conducted in the first week of July and polled 587 likely voters on their feelings towards prescription drug costs and their feelings towards PBMs.  For a full breakdown of the poll, please email Monique Whitney at [email protected].