New Plus-Size Mattresses Unveiled By Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding, a Phoenix-based company, has added another key sleep solution to its ever-expanding line of niche mattresses. It’s called the Titan, by Brooklyn Bedding, and offers a plus-size solution for plus-size sleepers, with construction design to address the biggest concern that customers of size have. The company is a manufacturer, retailer, and pioneer of the online mattress, and the unveiling has gotten attention. John Merwin, the Owner and Chief Marketing Officer of Brooklyn Bedding notes that it was natural for the company to focus on creating a more personal solution for larger sleepers. He says that the one-size fits all approach is not one the company works with. According to engineers at the company, plus size sleepers are more likely to see wear and tear on their sleep surfaces that happens prematurely, and for customers that identify as being big and tall, or curvy, there is a whole new set of problems they may encounter.

These include:

  • More middle sag in the mattress
  • More softening of the entire sleep surface
  • Decreased edge support
  • Uneven distribution of support across the surface
  • Decreased comfort and support over time
  • More frequent night sweats
  • Increased motion transfer between sleep partners

Merwin says that companies that cater to plus-size consumers mainly focus on apparel, and bringing this concern into the mattress and furniture retail world could be very helpful to these customers.

The Titan by Brooklyn Bedding is the first bed that focuses first on offering substantial support for heavier sleepers. It includes extra lift and extra durability by giving a firmer, two-inch later of the company’s excusive TitanFlex foam product. This product adjusts to movement faster than traditional memory foam, and delivers contouring comfort. The Titan also features infusions of other patented Titan products, such as TitaniumGel, and CopperGel in the TitanFlex layer. Each of these contribute to a one-inch layer of quilted, gel memory foam on the top of the mattress, and this can promote greater breathability and the ability to resist long-term body impressions. In addition, up to 1,024 industrial strength, individual pocketed TitanCalibery springs are in the core of the mattress, which help to deliver targeted pressure relief as well as decrease motion transfer between sleep partners. The two-inch high-density foam is thicker than standard and is added to the base in order to enhance the durability, while also reinforcing the individually pocked springs as they compress. This unique combination helps to improve the life of the mattress. The mattress retails exclusively online between $699 for a twin model, and $1,249 for a California King model. Like all mattresses by Brooklyn Bedding, included is a 120 night free comfort trial and a year of free warranty. The company offers free nationwide shipping with their bed-in-a-box delivery system.




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