New pizza concept to offer self-serve draft beer in Phoenix

With pizza restaurants popping up all over Phoenix, Blast and Brew believe they have what it takes to separate them from their competitors.

Not only is Blast and Brew a line-style pizza concept (meaning you walk through a line and choose exactly what kind of pizza you want as well as all of the toppings), but you can now pour your own beer to go along with your pizza. Owners of Blast and Brew wanted to give guests their ability to choose exactly what they wanted to eat and drink.

While many restaurants stick to the line-style pizza ordering system, it’s tough to stick out along competitors. By adding the pour your own beer station, Blast and Brew is not like any other restaurant.

The pizza is baked in an 825 degree oven for just three minutes…hence the “Blast” in the restaurant title. You can also order sandwiches, salads and appetizers.

When guests are ready to pour their beer, they check in with a credit card and i.d. and are given a wrist band that has a chip inside, making sure they pour anywhere up to 32 ounces. This is done through radio frequency.

“Every ounce is assigned to that person. The good thing for us is that it allows us to set our margins per tap, per beer. We set the margin at 20 percent, so it allows us to be sure that we’re making the right amount of money at each tap,” said Mike Reynolds, Chief Development Officer of Milano Restaurants International, according to Crain’s Phoenix.

This concept of build –your-own pizza mixed with pour-your-own beer is sure to set Blast and Brew away from their competitors.

Currently, they have eight company-owned stores along with five restaurants which are franchised. There are hopes of opening 10 to 15 more within the next few years. 

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