New CAT Units to Scan Arizona Travel IDs at Sky Harbor

New technology that confirms the validity of an Arizona Travel ID while simultaneously confirming travelers’ flight information has been implemented at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport’s security checkpoints.

The new IDs become mandatory on October 1 this year for domestic flights taking off from Sky Harbor International Airport, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation.

TSA agents have been trained on the new Credential Authentication Technology (CAT) units, which were first used last month.

There are currently 16 CAT units in use throughout the airport’s security checkpoints.

When using a CAT unit, a traveler will be asked to provide their ID, which a TSA officer will then insert into the machine where it will be scanned and analyzed.

The CAT is electronically linked to the Secure Flight database which provides confirmation of the traveler’s flight details, ensuring they are scheduled to fly that day.

“That ID is run against a database and it provides their flight information as well as information as to whether they’re eligible for TSA pre-check, additional screening, or our general screening,” TSA spokeswoman Lorie Dankers said.

The CAT units are able to verify whether a traveler’s ID is authentic, fake, expired, and can also categorize more than 2,500 different types of IDs.

This new technology is intended to both ensure safety and speed up the boarding process.

Even with TSA’s use of CAT, travelers still need to check in with their airline and show their boarding pass to the airline to board their flight.

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