New AT&T Call Center Plans To Hire Hundreds Of Employees

AT&T expects to hire 500 full-time employees at its new 70,000-square-foot call center in the Phoenix-metro area. Mesa Mayor John Giles made the announcement in his recent State of the City speech.

AT&T, formerly known as the Bell Telephone Company, was founded by Alexander Graham Bell in 1880. It has since evolved to become the largest telephone operating company in the world. The company is headquartered at Whitacre Tower in Downtown Dallas, Texas.

Toni Morales Broberg, president of AT&T Arizona, told the Phoenix Business Journal, “The city of Mesa and Mayor Giles have been excellent to work with as AT&T continues to expand. We are proud to start AT&T’s new chapter here with hundreds of new jobs.”

The new center will be an extension of the company’s corporate center in Mesa. It’s expected to handle over one-million calls annually concerning products and services. According to AT&T’s website, some potential career opportunities at the new call center could include Customer Service Manager, Executive Director, Sales Manager, Corporate Communications, Call Center Operations and Technical Support.





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